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“I don’t know how anyone builds a business without Dual Networking. It is the most important tool I have to improving my skills and achieving my dreams.” ~ Naomi Joy


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Jan and I can't believe the difference the Dual Networking premium membership makes, it has radically changed our business, The simplicity of use and powerful contact management system far exceeded anything we've used before. We can't recommend it highly enough Jan & Hank Vander Zee

Skill Development

Learn both online and offline strategies to build your business and achieve your dreams.

Personal Development

Overcome your fears, builds your resolve and become the best you.

List Development

Grow and manage your list with state of the art systems, training and tools.


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$ 15 / per month

Archived Training Webinars

Mannatech Product Training

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Video Downloads For XFMs

Presentation Links: Business, Fat Loss & Anti Ageing

Contact Management System

Pre-Written Emails, Appointment Setter

Store Notes On Individual Contacts

Pre-Written Emails For Autoresponder

Business, Christian, Wellness, Fat Loss, Anti Ageing Campaign

Take notes on your clients

Rejection free prospecting

How to present like a professional

The simplicity of closing

Leadership development